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Ralph Goodale

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A personal commitment to Regina-Wascana

 Dear neighbours,

Thank you for the privilege of serving you in Parliament.  As your MP, let me repeat the three basic pledges that I have always worked hard to honour.

First, to give Regina strong,  prominent, effective, reliable  representation in the House of  Commons.  I will make sure we never get overlooked or taken for granted. 

Secondly, as a former Minister of Finance, I have a rock-solid  commitment to fiscal responsibility and a track-record to back it up. Canada needs competent management.  We cannot afford sloppiness or waste or bad judgment.  We need to invest in economic growth – to bolster our quality of life, generate better jobs, cut our debt-ratio and lay the foundation for a balanced budget on a far more durable basis than that which exists today.  I’ll get that job done.

And thirdly – integrity in public life.  When I ask for your support, I know I’m asking for the most precious thing you have to give in a democracy, and that’s your vote.  I will respect your trust.

Yours sincerely,

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Ralph Goodale


This is the choice facing Canadians in this election.

Do we continue to limp along in a lacklustre way – like helpless victims, skirting the edge of recession? Or do we take charge of our situation – to make our economy grow, generate jobs, bolster the middle-class, and lift all those working so hard to join it?

Liberals have made the critical choice to invest in growth. Why? Because that is what the Canadian economy most urgently needs and it can be done now with complete fiscal responsibility.

Both Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair say concocting the immediate appearance of a balanced budget (no matter how flimsy) is their most vital priority. They’re simply wrong. A far more pressing problem is Canada’s chronic and damaging lack of economic growth.

This is not a problem of just the past few months. Over the past decade, Mr. Harper has produced the worst growth record of any Prime Minister in 80 years. He has the worst job creation record since World War Two. His policies have failed. And that has consequences:

  • 160,000 more jobless Canadians;
  • Worst job quality in 25 years;
  • Worst trade deficits in Canadian history;
  • Seriously deficient public infrastructure;
  • Record high household debt;
  • Grossly inadequate retirement savings;
  • Families struggling to afford higher education for their kids;
  • Adult children moving back home because they can’t get a decent start on their own;
  • A majority of Canadians now believe this younger generation will not be able to do as well as their parents did before them.

This is what you get from a chronically weak economy. Artificially balancing the books in the short-term won’t fix the problem. We need to put first things first, and invest urgently in the drivers of greater growth.

That’s exactly what Justin Trudeau’s platform does. We will double federal support for vital public infrastructure (streets, highways, waterworks, transit, affordable housing, childcare, places for seniors, environmental security). A lot needs to get done.

Investing now will generate excellent new jobs and make the economy grow. We’ll build necessary capital assets for years to come, underpinning future prosperity. And by 2019 we’ll balance the books on a more durable basis than that which exists today.

We will also increase the spending power of the middle class by cutting their taxes and boosting federal support for the high cost of raising children. We’ll increase affordable access to post-secondary education and skills training, generate 40,000 new youth jobs over the next three years, and invest $900 million in research and innovation.

Now is exactly the right time for these investments. The needs are clear. Interest rates have never been lower. Canada’s debt-ratio is low and and will continue to drop every year.

Verified by the best independent experts, Mr. Trudeau’s platform is realistic, prudent, sustainable and transparent.

Full details are available at: Realchange.ca